CONSULT-MAR S.R.L. was established and registered in Perú, in 1981.
The company is specialist supplier for Navy, Merchant Marine, Marine Related Companies and Industries, Power Plants, etc.
Our experience includes:
Naval Engineering experience.
Class Rules experience
35 Years of International Trade.
Shipping Management.
Business Administration.
Conversant in most of the modern Naval, Marine and Industrial systems.
We can offer any company from outside Perú the following services:
1. To introduce your products in the Peruvian market. (to end users)
2. To receive your ship in Peruvian Port, with the Spare Parts or Materials required by the ship at arrival.
3. To assist ship owners in evaluating Docking in Peru or during docking.
4. To get the best marine related activity support during your transit or stay.
5. To evaluate possibility of investment in the Marine Field Activity.
We have now agents in Chile
Contralmirante Villar 706 - 201 Lima 18 - Perú
Telf.: 511-4214539 Fax: 511-4215743